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This title is based on the shadow of past, with a thought for the future and the efforts of present. In the discussion of patriotism of the past, the book has tried to remember those who have fought in our freedom struggle, including those who are famous and some, whom a very few know. While elucidating the role of contemporary patriots, we find those who had and are working for the country in their respective fields. The concept of future patriotism is also dealt with a few exemplary issues. We hope this book would be a reading material for the parents, students, educators and anyone who is in search of the meaning of the word 'Patriotism' (contemporary sense). The readers will definitely be inspired to become the lover of our country and develop respect towards a great nation 'India' with varied religions, traditions, cultures and diversity. This will also embark upon them the philosophy behind our unity. While citing examples of contemporary patriots the authors have chosen only a few elucidating their efforts, it is impressed on the readers thereby to find and follow patriots in and around their life. The side strip with photographs of freedom fighters are also very few as we have limited space, there are hundreds more of them who selflessly contributed to the struggle for independence of our nation. Our readers may not be aware about some of them; we request them to find out about their contribution and sacrifices. The current title also portrays some structures of contemporary India which symbolises our unity and dedication to protect the sovereignty and harmony. These symbols of patriotism have united Indians in time of need and thereby stand as a Patriotic icon of contemporary India. The contemporary patriotism as mentioned in this title is not restricted to the boundary of the mother country as in the modern times one has to go to other countries not only for jobs and business but also for studies. The term patriotism is dealt with the philosophy of globalisation. A section with thoughts from around the world on this topic will give a feel to readers.