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Junior High : 107 Enriching Compositions

By Virtuous Publications

Academic Education

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Compositions for school students need to be chosen with care. They must necessarily inform and impart knowledge but at the same time must also give direction to students’ lifestyles. This is why each composition in this compilation is an interesting yet at the same time exemplary piece. Students will receive unbiased and objective viewpoints on topical issues, issues that need to be brought to public consciousness and issues that need always be under scrutiny. The essays presented will build healthy opinions that will go a long way in creating hale and hearty surroundings and a progressive India. Our book will help lay foundations for a successful future and enable every school student to stand tall as an aware and bright individual. It will contribute towards creating a milieu where each student stands as part of a society that is inclined to positive growth and builds upon structures created by his predecessor.

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