Dr.Anuradha Sinha

Kalam Da Naytar

  • Sat Feb 02, 2013
  • Published on Feb 2, 2013
  • Language - Punjabi
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Parandeep Kainth,s Truth “Kalam Da Naytar” .So many stars twinkling in the sky.Some are small and some are huge.But one thing is common that those are stars and they twinkling.Parandeep Kainth is a new comer star poet who is also twinkling in art-world.We do warm welcome to him in the Literary World.”Kalam Da Naytar” is the first book by Parandeep Kainth.Whose poems are short and some are very wide angle poems but basically that are the voice of soul’s poetry.His poetry only can understand by capable hearts because his poetry concerned by metaphysical poetry. Parandeep ever say’s poet&poetry; must stand for truth and nothing else. This statement is really actual fact of his life .He speaks truth and writes truth is well. All poems from Kalam Da Naytar are conveying the real life experience which was held while his life’s struggle. Parandeep Kainth is a son of eminent poet Ajmer Kainth. Some Peoples says Poet’s son Poet and taunting to them .But they takes as a Great Honor and says “Right Words From Wrong Man” and feel very pleasure. Ajmer Kainth says “Parandeep Kainth is Punjab’s Shakespeare Due To His Great Quality Of Humbleness”. Bindi is one of the most famous and heart touching poem by Parandeep Kainth’s Kalam Da Naytar.Which unfolds the whole universe facts. Bindi telecasted broadcasted and published in journals and also appearing on internet. At the final touch of this article cum book review .I can say only one thing Parandeep Kainth’s “Kalam Da Naytar is running in the heart of Universe. Dr.Anuradha Sinha Professor