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The Holy Gita-The Discourse Nonpareil

The Holy Gita-The Discourse Nonpareil

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This commentary is in lot many ways different from what has been said or written earlier; it brings together science, philosophy, metaphysics, logic, faith, devotion.....not as entirely un-related and/or antagonistic streams of thought.....but as completely complementary nay convergent thought processes.....; it attempts to weave together the schools of ‘Advaita’ and ‘Dvaita’ (indeed there is no ‘real’ irreconcilability between these Vedantic schools); it rejects lock, stock & barrel the ‘highly misinterpreted, misused and anachronistic’ concept of ‘caste’ - the scourge of which continues to exert a ‘damning influence’ on our nation and humanity at large…..indeed it continues to divide mankind since times immemorial…..; on the contrary The Holy Gita does not support the concept of ‘caste determined by birth’ leave alone allowing for its propagation and/or its perpetuation; it goads man to rise above ‘religious rites and rituals’ and graduate to ‘spirituality’; it dwells on the necessity of maintaining the pristine nature of Nature; it overtly talks of ‘atomic and sub-atomic particles’; it explicitly talks about the ‘Creation and Dissolution of the universe’ (akin to the modern day ‘Big Bang’ and the ‘Big Crunch’ theories); it refers to un-manifest dark-energy/dark-matter; it does not subscribe to the concept of ‘random and/or accidental evolution’; it declares that all karma - including even the most mundane of karma - are perfectly honorable and can (and should) be raised to the level of ‘the highest dharma’ and shows how to do it; indeed! All this and much more is ‘suffused’ in The Holy Gita. This commentary has attempted to unveil the ‘letter and spirit of The Holy Gita while maintaining its sacrosanct nature’; it has attempted to shed light on this treasure nonpareil – the rarest – the highest – timeless Wisdom - compassionately revealed by Lord Sri Krishna to the eternal benefit of man - showing him as to how to live in ‘The Gita way’ – as indeed he ought to. Reading, reciting, chanting of each and every word of The Holy Gita is now within the reach of anyone and everyone who wishes to do so; in this Book each word of every verse (originally in Sanskrit) has been broken down to its elements and has been presented in Hindi (Devanagri) and English languages making it easy and enjoyable for anyone who can read these languages [it also makes it easy for one to undertake translating it in other languages]; the meaning of every word has then been explained in English; moreover, the original Sanskrit words have been ‘embedded’ in the translation of the verse…..this enables the reader to discern as to why a particular verse has been translated in a particular way; this shall enable the reader to comprehend the import of each verse; a concise commentary on each verse follows the translation – bringing out the ‘flow of thought and/or logic’ that finally enabled the confused and despondent Arjuna to ‘straighten his thinking’ and ‘arise’ in the cause of his righteous duty.