Torch Bearers 2

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Torch Bearers 2

Torch Bearers 2

  • Guiding light to our Newer Generation
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  • Published on Mar 26, 2013
  • Virtuous Publications
  • Language - English
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Over two decades of experience has seen us publish books that are motivational, inspirational and help students acquire sound values. In pursuit of our endeavour to motivate readers to be better citizens we are publishing the 'Torch Bearers' based on the lives, actions and deeds of personalities who have been instrumental in making our nation a better place and who through their achievements are the role models and icons of today's youth.The personas brought to light in our Torch Bearer Series are a guiding light to our newer generation, for they set an example to the world to a brighter tomorrow. One world….where the right values hold sway and evil a concept blurring into oblivion. An utopian dream. Yet possible if education inculcates in us ethics and ideals that make us into people whose voices resonate the goodness within all of us.