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World Famous Supernatural Mysteries

By Pustak Mahal


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World Famous Supernatural Mysteries is a collection of such nail-biting bizarre tales and occurrences that make us delve deeper into the truth and reality of life. It makes us question our senses and impinges on treating the fictionalised world as real?living. It is an encounter with many gothic and supernatural elements - a lightening that restored the eyesight of many, of elves and fairies?of spirits that guide and rule at the same time. We read of rain pouring fishes, snails, oysters and even lizards. The secret behind the Tutankhamen treasures is laid bare while zombies and witches pervade the human psyche and seem omnipresent. With interesting photographs and illustrations, this book is full of action - thrills, frills and chills at the same time. So hold your breath and explore the unknown. The book`s presentation in no way reinforces superstition or endorse such beliefs.

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