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You Are What You Eat

By Pustak Mahal

Health & Living Lifestyle

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Did you know that food could heal, cure, elevate moods, improve memory, make the brain sharper, provide us with potent energy and fill us with vigor? Food has been discovered to be the greatest natural pharmacy that is available to human beings. The right food can help us perform to our peak capacity while the wrong food can lead us towards disease and ill-health. For instance,the ordinary cabbage and cauliflower could ward-off the possibility of cancer, tomatoes can effectively take care of free radicals in today`s environment and carrots can provide you with the essential beta-carotene to fight off many diseases. It is surprising how effectively food can alleviate most of our common ailments. The mysteries of the power of food and the secrets of food elements have been unraveled so that you can use food for other benefits rather than just appeasing hunger.

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