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By Pustak Mahal


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This is a tale of Roshan Kumar?s journey to becoming a ?Mota Seth - Senior Partner? of a law firm. The story is a true story (albeit fictionalised) of the aspirations of a novice in the field of law to become a Senior Partner in a prestigious law firm. Unlike others Roshan has no godfather in the profession. The story speaks of Roshan?s experiences ? will aspirations, hard work, honesty, dedication, loyalty and intelligence alone suffice to become a Mota Seth-Senior Partner or is there a lot required perhaps to be sacrificed? Roshan?s experiences are often derived from the author?s own experiences while he was working in two of India?s finest law firms ? Mulla & Mulla and Craigie Blunt & Caroe, Mumbai which is one of the oldest and the largest and AZB & Partners, Mumbai the fastest growing law firm.

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