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  • Wed May 01, 2013
  • Price : 120.00
  • Published on May 1, 2013
  • Pustak Mahal
  • Language - English
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Kamal, popular among his friends as "The March-Past Boy" because of this habit of getting selected to the final marching squad of his school every year on Independence Day and Republic Day, is in love with Sagarika who is nicknamed as "The March-Past Bride" by Kamal's best friend. Kamal is in love with the girl and wants to marry her, but does not know how to impress her. Amrita, a Girl, Popular among her friends as the ex-girlfriend of Pankaj, is still in love with Pankaj but does not know how to win back her lost love. Kamal and Amrita become friends, Kamal helps Amrita to win her lost love. Amrita helps Kamal impress Sagarika – "The March-Past Bride". Matters get complicated when Pankaj and Sagarika think Amrita and Kamal love each other! Will Kamal get his "March-Past Bride"?