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Yoga for Peace

By Abhinav Publications

Health & Living Lifestyle

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In India And Abroad Yoga Seems To Be Different Things To Different People, With The Result The Original And Pure Yoga As Expounded By The Great Sage Patanjali Two Thousand Years Ago Actually Has Become Drained, Diluted, Remote, Shallow, Unreachable And Unreacognizable. The Path Of True Yoga Actually Leads One Out Of Darkness Into The Light; And It Is A Perpetual Journey Into The Mysteries Of Life. Against This Backdrop, The Essays Are Framed On The Basis Of The First Two Sections, Namely, Samdhi Pada And Sadhana Pada Of Patanjali'S Yoga Sutras. The Reader Will Find It Useful And Perhaps Even Illuminating To Dispel Certain Misconceptions.

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