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Abiotic Stress and Biotechnology

By Astralpublishers

Science & Technology

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Abiotic stress such as drought, salinity, cold and soil acidity cause a great loss to agricultural crops. Other stresses like zinc deficiency, soil nutrient deficiency and elevated CO2 also are responsible for crop loss. The effects of these on molecular mechanisms have to be stressed. In the present book effect of Abiotic stress and molecular mechanisms involved in abiotic stress tolerance is given in chapter 1. Genetic Engineering of plants for enhancing Abiotic stress is given in chapter 5. High throughput DNA sequencing for Plant Science research is dealt with in Chapter 4 while chapter 12 deals with Real Time PCR. Chapter 13 explains Subtractive Hybridization. In vitro propagation of chick pea, Talinum cuneifolium, Dendrobium farmeri and Dwarfing Apple root stock are given in chapters 2, 6, 11 and 14 respectively. Chapter 3 gives an account of Biofuel from Algae while chapter 7 deals with contribution of Marine Actinobacteria to Human health. Production of Plant products is explained in chapters 8 and 10. Chapter 9 gives the details of Biodiversity and Conservation.

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