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Prashna: A Vedic Approach

Prashna: A Vedic Approach

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The author has discussed the following points in the book 1)Vedic approach to prashna, need & utility of prashna 2)Basic concepts of signs, Nakshatras, Houses & Significators 3)General concepts of horary & time of fructification 4)Mook or secret queries 5) Queries related to Education, success in admission/ competition 6) Marriage & related problems 7)Children & related queries 8) Queries related to property & vehicles 9) Queries related to disease & health 10)Queries related to Theft & Recovery 11)Queries related to litigation & Conflicts 12)Travels & Missing person related queries 13)Queries related to jobs & career 14)Queries related to Business & Finance 15)Some frequently asked Questions 16)93 Illustrations covering various aspects of above queries 17) Miscellaneous Techniques used in Prashna