Moving From Windows To Linux

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Moving From Windows To Linux

Moving From Windows To Linux

  • Mon Jul 08, 2013
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This material has been written to provide the reader an insight into how simple it is to use Linux. Linux as an operating system is a making steady inroad into the desktop space. Most computer users use the Windows operating system. But in today’s scenario where open source software has started playing a major role in bringing out Linux based distributions, many experienced computer users are either moving to Linux or would like the option. For years, Linux supporters have touted the open-source operating system as a less-expensive, more reliable alternative to Unix and Windows running on x86 based, or industry-standard servers. Major Linux distributions such as Red Hat, Fedora, Mandrake, SuSE and so on have released mature, full-featured versions suitable for day to day use on an average computer user’s desktop or laptop computer, including not only a complete operating system but also a Microsoft Office-compatible application suite and lots of additional tools available either with the distribution or for free download. As a result, Linux has made serious inroads on the desktop and is currently in a position to give several non Linux, desktop O/S, a run for their money. Often a computer user in today’s scenario does not have enough time to set up and learn a new operating system and then how to program using built in tools. This book shows this computer user who is comfortable with using Microsoft Windows and associated popular applications, how Linux works and how using it is similar in so many different ways to their current software. The book’s focus is to provide a thorough understanding of the basics of: ! The Linux file system ! Configuring The Linux O.S. ! Using different distributions for the desktop ! Using Applications such as OpenOffice.ORG Additionally, this book explores programming basics using GAMBAS (A Linux based, Visual Basic look alike), ANSI C and Java. This is then followed by a look at the Internet based, application development framework, consisting of Apache, MySQL, PHP and PERL. The entire application framework mentioned, (i.e. the Internet, Java, PHP, PERL, MySQL) requires an operating system to run on. The answer to this is:- Linux is an O.S. that is used most of the time to mount Internet based applications. Finally the book moves on to advance topics such as Installing Multiple Linux Distributions and Disk Partitioning Fundamentals under Linux.