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Cinema Spice Entertainment magazine targeted at movie goers from all age segments with an estimated reach of 45,000 readers (newsstand + digital versions) a month is available at leading magazine stands in Chennai and for subscription / sale on digital platform including Apple iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle, Windows 8 and PC / Mac via ReadWhere, Kindle Store and ISSUU. The 96+ pages magazine in English features editorials including latest news, previews, movie reviews, celebrity interviews, exclusive photo features, cooking recipes, charity, social service and many more sections promoting South Indian cinema with focus mainly on Tamil & Telugu cinema with special coverage on Hollywood & Bollywood along with exclusive features on Chennai lifestyle and fashion. Affordably priced with an introductory offer of Rs.25 (actual cost Rs.100/-) it reaches to readers aged between 16 – 50 years including software professionals, college students, homemakers and working women, entrepreneurs, celebrities, socialites and employed individuals. Shailesh K Nadar is the Editor-in-chief of Cinema Spice Entertainment magazine owned by Cinema Spice Media, Chennai, India.
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