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Java 6

Java 6

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Java 6 New Features For seasoned Java programmers who want to stay up to date on the latest Java tools, this guide discusses the new features of Java 6 Mustang. This handbook to the new version includes updated information on Web services, a JavaScript engine that allows access to information in a Java program, JDBC 4.0, JAXB 2.0, XML digital signature APIs, more sophisticated Swing components, and improvements in Java 2D that includes a GIF image writer. Chapter 1: Core Libraries Chapter 2: Dynamic Compilation Chapter 3: Scripting Chapter 4: Networking Chapter 5: Swing Updates Chapter 6: Abstract Window Toolkit Chapter 7: Internationalization Chapter 8: Java Database Connectivity 4.0 Chapter 9: XML Digital Signature API Chapter 10: Streaming API for XML Chapter 11: Java Architecture for XML Binding Chapter 12: Web Services Chapter 13: JavaBeans Activation Framework Chapter 14: User-Defined MXBeans Chapter 15: Concurrency Updates Appendix A: Enums Appendix B: Generics Appendix C: Annotations