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Mathematics Today

Mathematics Today

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January 2017 Mathematics Today

Class 11

Concept Boosters

Brain@Work : Parabola

Ace Your Way (Series 9) : Statics & Probability

MPP-7: Straight Line & Cone Sections


Class 12

Concept Boosters: Vectors and 3D Geometry    

Ace you’re Way (Series 9): Linear Programing Probability

Challenging Problems: Probability

MPP-7: Differential Equations & Probability

Competition Edge

Maths Musing Problem Set - 169

Mock Test Paper - WB JEE

JEE Work Outs


Maths Musing Solutions

Mathematics Today is a pioneer magazine designed to cater to the needs of an IIT and engineering aspirant. The basic aim of Mathematics Today is to provide mechanisms to be used as a barometer by technical aspirants. It provides them an opportunity to get exposed to numerous complex problems which demand a high level of analytical ability and proficiency.  This is one among the magazines which provides the latest pre-engineering solved papers and model test papers based on the new pattern. The levels of the questions are high enough to give your brain cells pain. In short, it is one of the best tools to tackle engineering entrance exams. For queries related to print copy you may contact us at