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The Smart Manager

The Smart Manager

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Recent Clips

The latest issue of The Smart Manager explores the topic of artificial intelligence and how it is disrupting businesses globally. Philip M Parker, INSEAD, breaks down the nuances of deep learning; Kalpana B, KPMG in India talks about the AI revolution and how it has made inroads into the realm of businesses as well as our everyday lives; Dr Pradeep Pendse, Welingkar Institute, draws the distinction between automated and autonomous enterprises and Leslie Timmy, Revarn Cybernetics shows how bots are the next frontier in AI.

The issue also features articles on innovative topics such as the rise of mobile native advertisements by Shamala D N, InMobi; the concept of using real-time data analytics for surviving in today’s VUCA world by Najeeb Kunil, PPZ, among others. David Collis, of Harvard Business School talks about his ‘lean strategy’, while Bill Munn author of Why Make Eagles Swim? shows how focusing on weaknesses may hinder productivity.

In our regular sections, we have Shawn Hunter, author of Small Acts of Leadership, dispelling certain leadership myths. In First Serve we look at the best customer service practices followed by Acer India while in Vertical Focus we conduct a SWOT analysis of the cybersecurity industry.

Dr Marshall Goldsmith, author of Triggers, examines the environmental and psychological triggers that can derail us at work and in life. Dr Vijay Govindrajan, author
of The Three-Box Solution shows that if the three-box solution is applied diligently and creatively it will help a company preserve its roots, break the chains, and build a sustainable future.

This issue also features an exclusive interview of the author of Nawabs, Nudes, and Noodles, Ambi M G Parameswaran who talks about the impact of advertising on the Indian consumer landscape. Parag Pande, Accenture India showcases how designing effective and exhaustive wellness plans can help businesses achieve both short-term and long-term success. The best practices businesses need to build to make nimbleness ingrained in their culture, elucidates Baba Prasad, Vivékin Group. This issue also explores topics such as impact of social intelligence on businesses and rise of refurbished market that are changing global market dynamics. Bruno Lanvin, INSEAD, talks about the Global Innovation Index and the potential of India to become a key player.

In our regular sections, we have Garrett Sutton, author of Toxic Client, highlighting the ways to identify a problem customer. In First Serve, we look at the customer service practices of BookMyShow.

The Smart Manager, India's first world-class management magazine, was founded in 2002 by eminent business historian Dr Gita Piramal with Harvard Business School Dean, Prof. Nitin Nohria with the mission of updating managers and business practitioners in India with the latest thought-provoking strategic ideas from experienced, world-class managers, academics and consultants from across the globe. Over the years, the magazine has carried articles authored by illustrious management gurus such as the late CK Prahalad and Sumantra Ghoshal, Jack Trout, Ram Charan, Gary Hamel, Gay Haskins, Jagdish Seth and Lynda Gratton. We believe that "managers are the best teachers of managers" and most of our articles are written in the first person by top-tier CEOs such as Kumaramangalam Birla, Sunil Mittal, Aditya Birla, KV Kamath, Santrupt Mitra, Rajeev Dubey and S Ramadorai. We also have relationships with a number of B-schools around the world, apart from most top-level schools in India. The Smart Manager hosts the Tata Consultancy Services Smart Manager Case Contest, the most prestigious competition of its kind in the Indian print media. The contest, with a cash prize of INR50,000 per issue, sees wide participation from national and international business managers and students. The 'Smart" in The Smart Manager is an acronym for Strategy, Marketing, Analysis, Resources and Technology. Truly useful knowledge when you need it 24 x 365, year after year.