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Issue : Hi! BLITZ SEPTEMBER 2016


Published on : September 3, 2016

38 issues



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Amitabh Bachchan, the unquestionable king of acting, and an indomitable spirit keeps up with the times and his fans via the online world, graces the cover of the September 2016 issue of Hi! Blitz; Sanjay Garg of the Raw Mango fame weaves the truth about the handloom revival craze; siblings who share interests and commonalities that bind them together; unusual cuisines that will tempt the palate; the real life hero stories of a few good samaritans; an Indian sojourn of Frenchman Patrick Bezza who snips at your tresses with style; it’s about those unusual entrepreneurs who have chosen paths that have upped their happiness quotients; style divas, products that embellish the look; events that have caught the eye and lots more.

Hi! BLITZ is a premium lifestyle magazine that introduces India's aspiring affluent to the good life. It covers iconic personalities from all walks of life and creates lifestyle benchmarks for readers to aspire to. It's the magazine that India's rich and famous love talking to and with whom they share their most intimate moments!

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