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Beyond Rahul Vs Modi (2014-2024: THE BATTLE FOR INDIA'S SOUL)

By Pratiyogita Darpan

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For the first time ever, here is a provocative and thought-provoking book that analyses the fascinating battle between Rahul and Modi and beyond: a battle of two ideas for India; a battle to capture the soul of India. It is do or die this time for the political bosses. The book brilliantly analyzes how a common man's personal, social & materialistic life will be transformed during 2014–2024. • Can a Tea Vendor Defeat a Crown Prince? • Why Do So Many People Dislike Modi? • Can Rahul Really Change the Congress Party? • Will Minorities be Safe With Modi as PM? • Will Sardar Patel Finally Have His Revenge on Nehru? • Can Arvind Kejriwal Make Any Real Difference?

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