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When Bugsie Ran Away From Home

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The country of Foxville is the sworn enemy of Macadamia. Bugsie swears to restore his Dad, Mr. Wall Nut's honour and fight the Foxvillains who have threatened to destroy his entire country. While on this adventurous journey, he meets friends, who stand by him in times of need and guide him. His journey ends up being full of humourous, scary, thrilling, silly, happy moments. Bugsie teams to fight his fears and trust his friends during his joumey. Does Bugsie succeed in his quest to fight Foxville and win? find his family ? Will his teachers Mr. Ness Ley, Ms. Her Mr. Cad Burrie be proud or ashamed of him? Bugsie, a 10-year-old bunny rabbit, packs his backpack and runs away from home, scared and unsure of his destination. He has inadvertently created a big trouble for his country Macadamia, a country specially created for small animals and has put a question mark on his father's reputation. While on the run, he discovers that Robocop, the prototype of mini soldiers 'Lilliputs' that his Pad created as a defence scientist, has vanished. What is worst, his entire family is missing too! This 10-year-old Bugsie has created a lot of trouble for his age.