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easyuni Ultimate University Guide 2014

  • Issue 3
  • Published on Jul 2, 2014
  • Language - English
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Hi there! It’s nice to present you once again with another ‘hot’ issue of easyuni. On 11 June this year, we launched the unifrens social platform, an extension to easyuni’s existing vision of providing comprehensive and accurate information to students about colleges and universities. This is another milestone in the history of easyuni as one of Asia’s most popular education portals, committed to helping students with their higher education plans. unifrens is a social platform which allows students, searching for universities and colleges with similar interests, to connect with each other to help them make unbiased and community-driven decisions about their higher education. It also allows them to connect with students who are currently enrolled at universities who can tell them about their experiences about a particular city, country, university or a course. unifrens is something we had been planning for a while to complement our current family of tools for students. We always knew that our users would love it as they want more community-driven information instead of promotional content from universities and “study abroad” consultants. I believe this feature will democratise the way information about specifi c courses, countries or institutions is presented and this can only mean good news for students and their parents visitors, as it helps them make more informed decisions about which course, institution or country to pick. Students can also pose questions to their groups, which will be answered by experts and the community. The feature is still in its beta stage but has gained massive traction with over 100,000 users already registered and assigned to groups. Exciting, isn’t it? The issue you’re holding now has so much to offer as well. So, read every page and fi ll yourself with all the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about your higher education.