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Homeopathy & You

Homeopathy & You

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Homeopathy & you is india's first homeopathy, health, wellness and lifestyle magazine. It showcases the best of writing from doctors, writers, and authors of international repute. Highlights of the September 2015 issue: Dr MIRANDA CASTRO – Homeopathy for ear aches & Sore Throat DR MUKESH BATRA – Anacardium: The Jekyll & Hyde of Homeopathy DR AKSHAY BATRA – Skintillating Healing Dr Dr. GEORGE VITHOULKAS - From COMA to ACTIVE life Dr STEVEN B KAYNE – The Healing Dimension of Homeopathic Remedies Dr LAURIE J WILLBERG – Homeopathic Tenets & Rebound Effect Dr JOSEPH KELLERSTEIN – Beyond a Mouldy Story Also: RAAGESHWARI LOOMBA – The power of GRATITUDE From Dynamism to positivity O2 spa initiative: Aroma that HEALS All about monsoon fitness Plus: regular columns on yoga, good food, fitness, spirituality, life coach, corporate wellness... The best of wellness reading every month...

Despite growing awareness about health, wellness and homeopathic healing, there exists a gap in terms of objective dissemination of practical health information and knowledge. Homeopathy & You intends to bridge this gap and increase active participation of its readers, their families, and others in the holistic healthcare process. • H&Y seeks to bring about a healthy change by highlighting the importance of routine medical check-ups and management of acute illness and chronic disease — because too often, notwithstanding the World Wide Web and other access to information, most people are ill-equipped to effectively manage their health, • There is also just too much information, or lack of dependable, appropriate knowledge, about our physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellness, or even a lurking fear of ‘taking control’ of one’s own health • H&Y is keyed to give you all the tools you need to take care of your health and, in so doing, empower you with relevant, up-to-the-minute, trustworthy and succinct information, encompassing every area of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health • H&Y explores health issues affecting all stages of life, including lifestyle, nutrition, diet, fitness, exercise and environment, in a new, practical light, in tune with homeopathy and its signature tune that ‘nature, be my teacher.’ This only means there will be something for everybody… literally.