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Now, before you think you’re reading some weird foreign language, keep calm. In fact, it’s your everyday English language. Well, kind of. It’s Australian, or as affectionately pronounced by the locals, oze-traay-lian. Things get a little interesting in the Land Down Under and because we love our students and don’t want you to get a headache trying to grasp all things Australia, we’ve come up with a brand-spanking new “Student Guide for Australia.” In this issue, we have power-packed a ton of useful information that can help you get the right facts and give you a better understanding of student life in Australia. You’ll definitely want to check out:- • Our fun lifestyle “Which Australian city do you belong to?” quiz • Australian Education system • How to make it cheap and easy to eat in Australia • 6 hacks for Malaysian students studying in Australia - and many more cool stuffs to give great insights about living and studying in Australia. We’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, feedback and ideas on what we should come up with for our next country student guides. Tell us what you like or don’t like, what you wish for our magazine to have, or just any ideas on how we can make this mag a cooler one for you. To send your ideas, hit us up at

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