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The Libertatem Magazine is a Law Magazine launched by The Law Brigade, a startup of two students from Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad; Ankita Ranawat & Rahul Ranjan. The Group's name, "The Law Brigade" should be taken as a fire brigade which reaches where there is fire. The fire which is present in the law students and members of the legal arena. Libertatem is a latin word meaning a sense of freedom of expression. It channelizes this expression of the person who has something to express irrespective of the fact that what the CV of that person says, which is given a very high value and everybody is in a rat race to build it. It provides a platform to people who have something to express for the welfare of the community at large. A joint effort of students and deadly law this a medium for the maximum utilization by all of you. Through this platform students will be getting to know about the talk of the town of the legal arena, call for papers, MUN’s taking place and other related things which a student should do and are there for welfare. People will also get to know about the ideas of the eminent personalities as there interviews which in turn are a message will be there in the magazine itself. A picture gallery is also waiting for you all which will be having a greater impact. So, to broaden the scope of your knowledge and to get out of stereotype journals this is an arena for you all to express and get impress.

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