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Luxury Special

Luxury Special

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'Live life king size', the proverbial mantra to live big and splendid, seems to have practically rubbed off on almost every sphere of our lives! Armed with enormous spending capacities, Indians are surfing the luxury wave like never before. Luxury is no longer the privilege of the royal and the selected few. Destination weddings, exotic vacations and shopping at the posh-est locales, we are here to splurge! The cover story this month features 'luxury on hooves', i.e. the royal game of Polo and its reinvention in Punjab. Once a royal prerogative, Polo was endorsed fervently by the yesteryear Maharajas of the colonial India. Today this luxury sport is being enthusiastically rekindled by Maninder S Sethi, making it a promising venture worth looking forward to! While at it, we also cover the dashing Polo players and what makes them trot!