The author developed keen interest in the subject of astrology after completion of his secondary education at Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi, India. While pursuing his higher studies and completion of Graduation from Delhi University and M. B. A. from G. G. S. I. P. University, Delhi, India he strived to acquire more knowledge and skills in the field of astrology. He has also completed various professional courses in the field of Customer Service and Office Management. He has worked in banking sector, educational sector and diplomatic missions in India. He started practicing astrology through analysis of various horoscopes of acquaintances, colleagues, friends etc. and gave accurate interpretations with remedial suggestions through personal counselling. This resulted in his wide spread acceptance by people as a knowledgeable astrologer. He is an expert in reading the past, present and future births, and role of native in every birth through analysis of their horoscopes. Most of the faces he recognized in this birth in different part of his life cycle were already known to him in earlier births, as felt by him. He had also made predictions on various events of the world through Facebook accurately encompassing all matches of cricket world cup 2011, earthquake, tsunami, violence (riots), weather, floods, accidents (related with airplane, train, cars etc.). This earned him extensive appreciation and acceptance as a professional astrologer throughout the world. Among his followers, he is popularly known as a "Founding Father" of Vedic Law of Astrology. An Astrologer since 17 - January - 1997. Author of 27 books in Vedic Astrology. He has written Mystery cum Action packed Screenplay Thrillers and gave birth to the Military Intelligence Officer, Mr. Q.
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