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Readwhere iPad Application



  • Easy navigation to most popular and recent content on Readwhere in language of your choice.
  • Full catalog of Newspapers, Magazines, Comics and Journals is available for reading on iPad.
  • Purchase subscription to popular magazines. journals and comics.
  • Easy and fast downloading in high resolution format.
  • Save content for offline reading.
  • Access your Readwhere Shelf items on your iPad.
  • Search quickly through all the content and catalog in one go.
  • Submit feedback to Readwhere for improvements.

How to access Readwhere Shelf on iPad[edit]

  1. Install the Readwhere app on your iPad using the link above or by searching the Appstore for "Readwhere".
  2. Log in to the app by tapping the "Login" button on top left side of the app. Use the same readwhere account as you used to login on the website.
  3. Tap the "Readwhere Shelf" button on the top right side of the app. Your shelf items will display.
  4. Read now by tapping the "read" button or save the item for reading later.