Readwhere is a Global Reading and Publishing Hub. It is India’s largest digital newsstand.
It is a Free platform for Publishers and readers across the globe.

The Readwhere publisher allows publishers worldwide to upload their publications, using a web-based interface and publish the same for distribution over the web, mobile and tablet devices.

Readwhere platform provides easy content digitization and monetization online.

=== USP of Readwhere ===

* You can read popular newspapers, magazines, comics, books and journals on Web, Mobile & Tablet platforms
* Readwhere offers a cloud-based reading & subscription solution to your favorite content online.
* You can download the newspapers, magazines, books etc. for offline reading, browse from multiple categories in different languages.
* Sync your online library to all your devices.
* Using the content and language filters, you can easily find content in English, Hindi, Punjabi, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, besides many others.

=== Readwhere Apps ===

Web- https://www.readwhere.com


iOS- https://itunes.apple.com/app/id544688485 

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