Creating Package

Packages help you to bundle the pages together from across the issues and publications. For eg. you can group the selected pages from various issues to form a new special edition. The new PDF created can be published back as a new issue, a special edition or a new publication.

Pre-requisite: Keep the following items ready for a package.

1. keep Issues and Page Numbers which need to be packaged ready

2. Keep ready the cost of publication if any

3. Cover image

4. Any TOC or content page

The downloaded package can then be used to create a new issue or a new publication.

This tutorial will help you to know how to create a package.

===== Create a Package =====

To start creating the package, click on the ‘Create package’ button. Please refer to the screenshot below.

===== Select the Publication =====

Select the desired publication from the list of already published publications.

==== Select the desired issue =====

Select the desired issue from the list of the issue already published.


===== Enter the pages =====

Enter the page nos. in comma separated format. These pages will be included to create a new package like 2,3,4,5,7,9,10
You can also enter the pages in range like page nos. 13-29.

===== Choose another publication or another issue of the same publication =====

You can add pages from different publications or different issues of the same publication.
Click on the add publication button and then select the desired publication & issue from the drop-down. Enter the desired page nos. as describes in the step 2,3,4 above.

===== Review & Submit =====

Once done, click on the submit button.

===== Generating PDF =====

Once you click the submit button, the system will start to generate the new PDF for the pages specified.

===== Download the new PDF (Package) =====

Once the PDF is generated, you would be able to download the PDF.
Please note that due to security reasons, the PDF will be available to download for a few hours & will automatically be destroyed. Make sure to download once the PDF is generated and the download button is available.

===== What should I do next? =====

The new PDF created above can be published back as a new issue, a special edition or a new publication.