Scheduled Publishing

== How to Schedule your publishing at a time in the future? ==

While publishing an issue, you can schedule it for a future Date/Time with simple steps as given below:

* On ‘Publish’ step, current date and time are shown in UTC (by default). If you will not change it, issue will be published on the same date and time.
* For scheduled publishing i.e., to publish an issue in future Date or Time, you have to set publish date or time greater than current.
* For example, current date and time are Nov 30, 2012 10:30 UTC and you want to publish the issue on Nov 30, 2012 16:00 UTC. When you set scheduled publish date and time, 2 options will appear:
a) to publish the issue according to the scheduled date and time or
b) publish the issue immediately but with published date and time as set above.
Note: Above 2 options will appear only if you set the scheduled publish date or time of future.

For reference, see the screen-shot: