Gift Cart


                                                       Gift Cart

    Steps to send the Gift(content) to the Recipient:-

  • Select the content(Newspaper/Book/Magazine/Comic/Journal) to add to the gift cart.
  •  Click on the gift option to add to the Gift cart. Then, the content will be added to the cart.

  •   Click on the Gift cart and then click on “Checkout” to send the Gift Cart to the Recipient.     


  • Enter the Gift Details: sender’s name, Recipient name (to whom you want to send the gift), Recipient Email, Verify Email and Type the message. 
  • Click on “Save Changes”.

  • After adding and reviewing the Gift details, Payment modes will be shown. 
  • Mark tick on the checkbox 
  • You can pay the amount using any of the Payment modes(such as-Readwhere wallet, Debit/credit box, PayPal, Paytm).
  •  After the payment has been done, the above page will appear in which the Recipient’s mail is shown.

  • You will get the email notification for the purchased order as shown below.


  • Your Friend(Recipient) will get the email notifications of the gifted content in which the link will be there to claim the gift.


  • After clicking on the link, the Recipient will need to login to his Readwhere account to claim the gift.


  • After Login to the Readwhere account, Go to Shelf/My purchases to read the Gifted content.