Happiness is Around, Get it

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Happiness is Around, Get it

Happiness is Around, Get it

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Life is beautiful and human life, the greatest miracle. Different people may have different thinking and that is why our joy-sorrow related perceptions may also be different. But one thing is certain that most of us are not aware of our hidden positive capacities nor do we try to know it. Where is the time to look within? If a person, for a few moments, journeys inside he can realize who he is and what his purpose of life is. Those who think beautiful, act beautifully too. They remain happy and spread happiness. Indeed every human has origin in God. In fact when everything and every creature comes from God, where is the question for a person not to be noble. Though it is equally true that we with our different conduct and attitude take to a righteous path or to the evil one. If humans are the gift of nature, a human mind the best organ. Positive changes brought about by the infinite power of human mind are well known. The powerful thoughts have produced unimaginable  results. They have added to the quality of life. In this look I have tried to touch all such topics, and areas of life that become the source of happiness. Good news is that these are in our hands. What is actually needed is right thinking, disciplined mind and will power.   Narpal Yadav Faridabad