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  • Bilingual Version of ASHRUNAD hindi
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"The Shrill of Tears" book is a collection of 200 short poems in four lines ( MUKTAK ) which are  translated by me in English from my book Ashrunaad Muktak Sangrah in Hindi (vJqukn eqäd laxzg ] fgUnh) which is collection of 325 short poems in Hindi and was published in August 2017 at Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthan Lucknow . Ashrunaad (Hindi) book is a reactionary form of Aansu (vk¡lw) is a creation of Jay Shankar Prasad , which is a pillar of Hindi literature . In the book , the Hindi poems are on the Left side and English Version is at the right side  .  The book is divided in ten chapters under the names is below : 1.The Hydrous - eyes; 2. The  Nature. ; 3.  The Ocean ;    4.The Clouds ;  5. The Heart  ; 6. Adornment ; 7. Anguish ;            8. Fortune  ;  9. Spiritual ;  10. Miscellaneous. After publication of my book "ASHRUNAAD" l was very much distressed for another creation.  I want to share my afflatus feelings with everyone,... I, waked-up early in the every morning around 3 to 4 am. Along with other essential activities ; I always spare time for meditation , chanting and worshiping ; which is the necessity of my soul . This is my regular scheduled since 1990 from my  age of 30 years .  The mute conversation...  One day in the morning, , during meditation I listen mute voice which was coming from the other  world to obligate me by unknown divine soul . "Why are you so worried? Now you should try to translate your book  ASHRUNAAD in English.  I replied," I can't do this, I have no knowledge of English literature , how can it be possible ? "   Again listened "You must try it, you can do this . Only you have to write down. Sometimes you may contact with the dictionary. "   This mute conversation was conducting to obligate me from the other world. After that, this divine mute message was stopped.  One thing more, when I became deep concentrate, a bright star like aflame comes around me. As I felt every time everywhere, I am getting divine obligations from any over world .  After that I remembered...  fcuq ix pyfga lqufga fcuq dkukA  fcuq dj djfga dje fofèk ukukAA     vkuu jfgr ldy jl HkksxhA   fcuq  oäk  cM+  tksxhAA AAjkepfjrekulAA  xksLokeh rqylhnkl Without legs can move everywhere.   All noises can hear without ears.   Thy! can work different many things.   Without hands can do everything.   Without mouth can taste anything.   Without voice can be vast speaking. From Ramcharitmanas, ; Goswami Tulasidas    I am very much grateful for those respected persons who always guided and encouraged me in every moments of my life. They are as below... Mainly Mr. Dinesh Jhingran , Prof. Omkar Nath Upadhyay (L U) , prof. Hari Shankar Mishr (L U) , Prof. Krishnaji Srivastava ( L U ) , Dr. Rajendra Prasad Pandey ,  (IGNU) Usha Sinha (L U) , Dr. Vinod Kumar Mishr (Gen. Sec. World Hindi Secretariat Mauritius ) , Sarnaguptha Veerasinghe  (Shree Lanka) Dr. Rashmi Sheel Shukla, Suresh Kumar "Awaara Naween " , Ram Swaroop " Swaroop "  , Ashok Kumar Pandey " Ashok " , Prof.  Vishambhar Shukl , J. B. Srivastava , Krishn Murari Lal Srivastava "Madhukar " , R.K.Srivastava ,  Tej Narayan Srivastava " Rahi " , Dr. V. K . Mishr , Dr. S. N. Tiwari , Dr. R. C. Gupta ,beloved classmate friend Late Dr. S. I. H. Rizvi and my family members , relatives , my well-wishers and also all of loving Facebook friends .                  Dr. Umesh Chandra Srivastava