Sexual Love

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Sexual Love

Sexual Love

  • Awarded Nobel
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  • Language - English
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Prayer, Poetry, Judgments, Prophecies, Karmic Effects.  Glorious Mankind, book of Time, wise, worthy, promised safeguard from violations. Incumbent upon each seeks, bliss to regulate according, Implement commandments. Blessed understanding, language divine.  Not acquainted, ignorance barrier, source of guidance, illumination. Reader must realize, unlike all writings, this is unique with supreme, eternal message, universal relevance. Contents not confined to style, but contain foundation for life, covering spectrum, range from articles of faith, commandments to moral teachings, obligation, crime, punishment, personal, public law, astrology, Vedic signs, intolerance, combativeness, marriage, sexual, romance, love, profession, prostitution, religions, sports, education, terrorism, economy, stock markets, banking, retail, host of other private, social concerns.  Issues discussed variety, direct stipulations, reminders of favors on creation, admonitions, rebukes. Actions, narrated, followed lessons.  Mankind, Basic or Fundamental, Further in detail, - Wise, Well - Aware. (Teaches) worship none but Almighty.  Contains for all areas, spiritual, intellectual, political, social or economic. Code which has no boundaries of time, place or nation.  Verily, Mankind doth guide, to that, most.  Author, Awarded Nobel.