It’s all b’coz of you...

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It’s all b’coz of you...

  • Fri Jul 31, 2015
  • Price : 125.00
  • Diamond Books
  • Language - English
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So you love somebody madly and you have woven many dreams to be lived and fulfilled together. The person you love, as per the Indian society is not of your caste. What do you plan to do now? Run away... or die... and put an end to all the people; the concerned society at large from pointing you out further? How about turning entrepreneurs instead...??? Sneek peak into the lives of Ishika Singh and Siddhartha Roy, who met during the first year of their college life and accidently fell in love with each-other. Like all the other couples, they dreamt of being together forever... but will they be able to tackle the Indian society? To answer the questioning society and their families... they decided to write their own destinies, they decided to become entrepreneurs and build their own world. But will they be able to do it...??? Will their love last and prove to be strong enough to face all the criticism...??? Will they be able to fullfill their dreams of being together forever..?? To know the inside story, catch up with Ishika and Sid along with their miserable friends Kittu, Tina, Yishal and Dev who seemed to have taken birth on this planet to add to their misery. A novel based on friendship, love, lust, business and lots of drama...!!!

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