Current Affairs Manual 2022
Current Affairs Manual 2022

Current Affairs Manual 2022

  • Sat Oct 29, 2022
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  • Diamond Books
  • Language - English
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Diamond Power Learning has come up with a Nine Monthly- Current Affairs Manual, for the year 2014-15. The manual comprises of different sections like Add-ons which has General Knowledge topics like Important Facts about the Earth, Important Crops of India, Indian States with International Boundaries, Important National Highways, Important Rivers and River Valley Projects of India, Important Towns on the River Banks, Sanctuaries and Parks in India, Mineral Resources of India, Nation and their Emblems, Biggest-Highest-Longest and the Largest in the World, Inventions and Discoveries, Nicknames of Important Indian Places, Newspaper/Journals in the History of India, Important Institutions of India, Basic Facts about the Human Body and many more. We have a special section for the readers for the In-Press News, which have covered the important Highlights of the time when the manual was about to be printed. One special Highlight is covered in an article form which comes under the section of News of the Months, with added MCQs to them.
We have covered News under various sub-topics dated from Aug’14 till date, like Persons and Places in News, Appointments and Resignations, Awards and Honors, Bills/Laws/Constitutions, Books and Authors, Summits/Events and Conferences, Obituaries, National, International, India and the World, State, Sports, Science and Technology & Defence, Economy, Banking & RBI, Corporate, Reports and Surveys, Miscellaneous and have given various types of MCQs for the competitive Examinations. Union Budget, Railway Budget for the year 2015-16, Economic Survey for the year 2015 and Census 2011 is also there in the manual and a separate Questionnaire is also there. Articles on different burning topics have also been included. Furthermore, the magazine consists of a special section that has a collection of different types of MCQs for the competitive examinations. All in all, the Nine Monthly Manual from Diamond Magazines is a sure pathway to success in the competitive examinations.