Ten Masters

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Ten Masters

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Darkness of disciple is ages old but a sudden appearance of Guru dispels all ignorance and create awareness and awakening. A true guru takes away from you what you do not have, illusion or ego and gives you what you have, your soul, your divine being. In India Guru is always considered on a higher position then the God. The immense boon showered on you is because of Guru only.

The period of Guru Nanakji to Guru Govind Singhji is a period of oppression of Hindu culture.

On one hand, Muslim invaders were bent upon destroying our ancient culture. On the other hand, the Hindu society was getting engrossed in evils like the theory of incarnation, idol-worship; the cult of religious culture and untouchability. Consequently it has spreaded ado and disappointment everywhere. But the appearance of Sikh Guru's has given nector to the Indian society and the perversion of the society ended. The preaching of the teacher infected new and enthusiasm into the Hindu community.

The lives of the Sikhs teacher have been an image of renunciation and sacrifice. The ideals that Guru Nanakji, the early pioneer of the Sikh faith had established initially were later devotedly observed by other Sikh teacher also. They believed only in the Almighty God. For them all the people of the world were like a family.

All the Sikh teachers were supreme saint engrossed in the worship of God. Although, at a later stage, some teacher had been compelled to take up arms against vice, injustice and atrocities. However, even this brave attire of theirs was also complementary to their image of a devotee and saint and not contrary to it.

A brief glimpse into the lives of these Sikh teacher, who deserve to be remembered every morning, is being presented through this book. We have tried to make this book as interesting and beautiful as possible. It is hoped that our esteemed readers will definitely appreciate it.