Why are We Still Like This Only

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Why are We Still Like This Only

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This book is not an autobiography. The little things that I have told you about myself are only to bring you into the proper prospective in relation to the time period that I describe. This book has been inspired by pseudo- sophisticated Indians who have the temerity to laugh it off when someone furnishes facts and figures to prove that Indians are a highly corrupt people or some of our politicians deserve capital punishment for their deeds or when someone tells you that we not only adulterate all our edible and non-edible products, but also our thoughts. They go on to discuss the current trends over a cup of coffee or a drink in the evening and think that their duty towards the country is over. Ladies and gentlemen, these issues should not to be laughed away, for matters have reached such pitiable states only because we have trivialized them for too long.

This book is an attempt to help wake up my compatriots out of their slumber. We have to rise above petty personal agendas if India is to become great again. Really speaking, we cease to exist if India perishes

My special friend is SaMule, who I met in Kanpur. We were watching the same “fight-to-the-death” scenario. Two hoodlums were slugging it out and then, one of them decided to show the other guy’s entrails by slitting open his tummy with a huge knife. I became sick and vomited. But SaMule had been very clinical about the whole thing. He just uttered “what a waste, what a waste.” After bidding me farewell, he disappeared. I met him again in Chandigarh and we became great friends. I found him extremely intelligent and so full of humor that I decided to take him along with me to seek his opinion on complicated subjects affecting the Indian paradoxes.

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