Cultural Politics in India

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Cultural Politics in India

Cultural Politics in India

  • Political Science
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The English influenced India’s politics greatly during their colonization times. Language and religion are the basic factors that shape culture; hundreds of years of colonization spread the English culture into India. Today, English is one of the official languages of India. In the case of religion, Christianity is one of the most important religions in India. The modern world depicts many similarities between the two countries in terms of governmental structures. In India, there is a Prime Minister who is the head of the Council of Ministers. The Indian Constitution was formed in 1950 and was inspired by the U.S. Constitution and British constitutional; it was amended many times. Around the 1600s, an organization called the East India Company established a base in India. It was the first permanent settlement of Europeans in India. The company was serving as a trading station. This book describes the new imaging techniques being developed to monitor this subjects.