Drifting Over a Memory Chest

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Drifting Over a Memory Chest

Drifting Over a Memory Chest

  • Tue Oct 20, 2020
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  • Language - English
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Book by Santhosh Gangadharan What had started out as a quiet vacation was fast turning into a mystery solving quest for Krish and Anand. With memories reverberating across the walls of a temple, a church, a mosque and a synagogue to reveal an unfinished story that only Krish could complete. A secret mission, a book of poems, a vintage printing press, a Sufi poet, a seminary of yore, a Jewish bakery in Turkey. The past and the present intertwine to slowly disentangle a mangled web of events as Krish and Anand try to trace the movements of the four friends. What had happened to them? Where had destiny led them to? Drifting Over A Memory Chest draws life from the potent triad of life, death and memories, linked and kept alive by innumerable wisps of time.