10/3 Rash Behari Avenue

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10/3 Rash Behari Avenue

10/3 Rash Behari Avenue

  • Wed Jan 10, 2018
  • Price : 200.00
  • Power Publishers
  • Language - English
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10/3 Rash Behari Avenue is a story of one of those palatial houses, which once adorned the cityof Calcutta (now Kolkata). And yet, ironically, these were the very houses which most ownerswere too willing-even eager-to destroy, for monetary gains.The story of the house revolves around an upper class Bengali Brahmin, Gour Mohan, whosechildren defiled all the values he stood for: destroying joint-family system, family relations…10/3 Rash Behari Avenue is also the story of a city, Calcutta, starting from partition to Singur – acity which has witnessed Naxalite Movement, rise and fall of the Left Front’s rule; a city whichhas been entranced by Uttam-Suchitra’s chemistry, as also, enamoured by Shah Rukh Khan!Enchanting is the city, and so is the house that tells the tale, that this novel is!A house narrates the story, that 10/3 Rash Behari’ Avenue is, reflecting just one thing: “Change.”