Just Zindagi

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Just Zindagi

Just Zindagi

  • Tue May 08, 2018
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  • Powerpublishers
  • Language - English
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The whole building has been blessed indeed by the arrival of a damn stunning damsel who'd come to live in the newly built apartment with her family.The youthful hearts would often resent that there were not many cute faces to be doted on.They very much sought to be Romeos but there was obviously needed one gorgeous Juliet for that.There she was!She was in her late teens, up-and-coming with each passing minute. She had mid-length hair but in front she'd got some feathery locks that fondly fell over her forehead mostly. It was especially so when she shampooed her hair and it was no less than an entire bunch of lustrous silk touched by the placid rays of the winter sun or... whenever she washed her head after henna... and... mmm... and... it looked lika a swelling brook of Cadbury Silk melted and made to flow free.How generous of her to oblige the hungry eyes like that! (My Puppy Love)