Mantu Dake

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Mantu Dake

Mantu Dake

  • Tue Nov 08, 2016
  • Price : 110.00
  • Power Publishers
  • Language - Bengali
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Gargrishi Shantanu’s new collection of short stories and poems “Tubai-Mantu Series Part 1: ‘Mantu Dake’-” is at once delightfully quirky and vaguely foreboding. Whether told through the voice of a matriarch surrounded by grandchildren or set among a group of rambunctious teenagers, these stories revive the thrill of sitting down for a long tale or two that many among us have known as kids.Shantanu delivers it all in relentlessly energetic and joyous prose. This heady mix of nostalgia and absurdist horror is unlike anything that one may read in current Bangla fiction and can only be placed in a genre of its own.- Dr. Arijit Kumar(Washington DC-USA)02-08-2015