Difference the reading makes

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Difference the reading makes

Difference the reading makes

  • Fri Sep 17, 2021
  • Price : 80.00
  • Rigi Publication
  • Language - English
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This is perhaps the only book that talks about materialistic success and spirituality in the same go. In this book, the author has tried to spark the curiosity of readers for the knowledge of self, through reading books and performing simple breathing techniques. The author has emphasized on the value of yogic activities and that how yogic activities can be of immense help in the achievement of materialistic success. The link between spirituality and materialistic success has been discussed in a detailed manner. The importance of reading in the attainment of a successful life, which combines materialistic growth and spiritual growth, is the focal point of this book. The author has tried to convey his message in crisp, conversational, easily comprehensible and in an interesting way by quoting real life examples, so that the reader remains hooked up till the end. The author is convinced that this book will prove out to be worth reading by its readers.