The flaw in perfection

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The flaw in perfection

The flaw in perfection

  • Sat Oct 09, 2021
  • Price : 80.00
  • Rigi Publication
  • Language - English
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From any ordinary teacher-and -taught relationship, it flourished into a hardly imaginable heart-wrenching romance between two who are ages apart. With him, nothing else would exist, no sound, no thought, no people, no worries. nothing. the world would just stop and it had become a beautifu place to be in...until the winter of 2013. what she remembers of that day is running along the streets of Lucknow, barefoot, in a blood splattered dress, sweating and panting despite the unbearable chill of dawn. The very memory of him, struggling and dying before her eyes, a blood stained dagger in her hand...if no one knows what happened, did it even happen?