Jyotish: Parashar Code of Prediction

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Jyotish: Parashar Code of Prediction

Jyotish: Parashar Code of Prediction

  • Bhava & Yoga Analysis Based on Ten Prime Classics
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  • Sagar Publications
  • Language - English
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This book is written with two objectives. First, to emphasise that the subject matter of   Jyotish as described by Parasara, Varaha Mihira and others is to decipher the Karma   Phala (Luck) of the native that is the effect of an individual's actions done in past life. It   is similar to cause and effect theory applicable in physical sciences. This effect is not   "caused by relative positions of the Moon, Sun and Stars" as given in English   Dictionaries.   Three constant factors used as tools are the seven planets of the solar system, 28   Nakshatras and Lagna as described in Vedanga Jyotish. The traits of planets are   symbolically derived from Vedic Mantras recited in performance of Yajnas. Proper   references from Vedas are given. Similarly, significations of Bhavas are symbolically   adopted from "Jyotish Bhavachbhav" Sutras of Brahma-sutras. Variable factors are not   fixed. These are 12 as per Yavana.   Second objective is to present relevant data at one place featuring in ten texts,   viz., Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra, Brihat Jataka, Saravali, Sarvartha Chintamani, Jataka   Parijata, Maan Sagari Paddhati, Jataka Sara Deepa, Phala Deepika, Hora Ratnam and   Phalit Vikasa, under study with proper references. A sincere effort has been made for   reconciling conflicting views.   Thus, the book is ten-in- one study-first of its kind in predictive astrology in   modern times. The reader will have the benefits of ten classical texts logically interpreted   and arranged in this book.