Predicting through Jaimini Astrology

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Predicting through Jaimini Astrology

Predicting through Jaimini Astrology

  • Predicting through Jaimini Astrology
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  • Sagar Publications
  • Language - English
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Jaimini system of astrology is fascinating method. It is a great predictive tool for astrologers. Combined with Parasara system we can double check the horoscope and give good predictions. Jaimini sutras have been interpreted differently by scholars and thus the practical use is difficult. This book gives a practical approach to Jaimini predictions. Secrets of predicting are revealed for the first time. Important Jaimini dasha are discussed along with example charts and events. A separate chapter on Argala gives the practical use of it with example. Basic concept of Jaimini is explained in simple way. This will help even the beginners to understand Jaimini. The author being an engineer presents the approach in step by step method without leaving doubts. The book will meet the demands of serious astrology students.