Mevo Mulugochitira Hagidre? Submarine Aagi

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Mevo Mulugochitira Hagidre? Submarine Aagi

Mevo Mulugochitira Hagidre? Submarine Aagi

  • kannada translation of When you are Sinking become a Submarine
  • Price : 100.00
  • Wisdom Village Publications
  • Language - Kannada
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The book's wisdom transcends conventionality. The author has written the book of life. The fight between the good and the bad is age old. The book tells how through wisdom and creativity the good man can not only succeed but also sustain his success. This book is for real people in the real world with insights, practical wisdom and a fresh perspective for everyone…the alternative of course, is to read up hundreds of books over tens of years!"I tell people, don't go with Eckhart Tolle just because Oprah says you should. Go with someone who does it because they honestly have something interesting to say."- Carolyn Marcille (Barnes & Noble, NewYork, USA)