CreaTuber Edition 1 November 15th 2019
CreaTuber Edition 1 November 15th 2019

CreaTuber Edition 1 November 15th 2019

  • CreaTuber Edition 1 November 15th 2019
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  • Avirbahva Publishers
  • Language - English
  • Published bimonthly
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Directors Chair


Came, the screen big and then the screen small now, these were but the dreams too big for those of us with aspirations to be a part them, yet we tried, bartered and roughed out to be a part of them and to this day the saga of a wannabe continues with many a pothole on the rutted road.

            There arose a stage new to put our talents for the view of the world’s audience, without the constraints of the big screen but adding the arena wide for talent was given a new face with the advent of Youtube. Broken were the rules of the big brother and the little screen, only to bring in experimentation on the screen to a new level of artistic expression.

            Yet since the beginning, it was misinterpreted, misrepresented and to the point, mistrusted, People watched each flick on YouTube with awe yet treated it as a bastard’s child letting the creations made with passion to be lost in the back alleys of the entertainer’s council halls.

            None were there to hear them out, though they made the flicks as dedicatedly as the big brother industry. Represented were they not in the mainstream media or domain, abandoning and insulting the great efforts that were put into making them. With this arose a thought in the thinktank of Avirbhava Publishing, Who has already brought out to Magazines to bride the creativity of the Tubers to the mainstream audience.

            Now to the call Creatuber will the tubies answer and shine in the graced light of the pages here, well-woven with care and devotion to see the reflections of the tuber’s reach across the plains of entertainment quenching the thirst of both the creators and viewers of YouTube.

            Creatuber will be a democratically run Magazine where the viewer's pulse will be taken into consideration. It only has a guideline to follow and will adapt itself to the reader’s thoughts to bring out the best and best by evolving yet not going conservative on you ever.

            With a wish to seek your applause, we do come out with the Edition one, One sincere request of Creatuber will be to ask you for your feedback always, so as to evolve to suit you.

Hoping to be applauded again.

With Regards

Yogee Qumaar Mutyaala