Shaurya 4th edition November 20th 2019
Shaurya 4th edition November 20th 2019

Shaurya 4th edition November 20th 2019

  • Shaurya 4th edition November 20th 2019
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  • Avirbahva Publishers
  • Language - English
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essence of what it means has lost itself in the minds of us since long, but the question that needs to be answered here is what does it take to be that Patriot? Nothing other than the simple fact of recognizing, your civic duty towards our nation. Now is not the time when we should really be inspired to fight oppression, for now, there are none that come up to conquer us. The sense of freedom feels lost for it is us as a voter that has chosen the wrong people whom we send out to represent us on the whole out there in the avenue freedom, the Parliament. Let's not ponder over what we have done, for we may be left rutting in the down allies of misappropriated representations of Pseudo freedom mongers out there. In this issue, we dedicate our pages to those people, who stopped talking and rather took up steps to bring about solutions to the problem, these people never did care about being posterized nor did they ever ask or seek recognition, but they have always tried to do their bit in doing everything for they felt a sense of responsibility, that responsibility is being an Indian citizen. From a person catering to his profession to the ones that go beyond the norms of regular living and dedicate themselves to being the community servant (not paid though) but they still do it for they believe to ask themselves what they did for the country rather than what the country did for them. These persons stand out as the silent Icons of the emerging New India and yet they stand so strong with their humility that they can be termes as the cogs that run the real Indian machine, Economy to service, from arts to lending a helping hand these people have been that one new home that India needs at this hour. Through these pages, we now try to bring their stories honoring them for being Indians. Sri Dutta Editor In Chief

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 On The Wall

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  Food Under City Kitchens  6

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 Pen And Quill

Memoir Ink       21

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Nation Mirror        33

States        35

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